Build confidence and learn how to use your voice in a healthy and powerful way.

Each voice lesson is individualized to each student. Your voice is uniquely yours, and my goal is to support you in learning how to utilize your voice to its greatest potential. My technique will have you using your voice in a healthy way that will eliminate tension in your throat and allow you to sing with ease.

Foundations of Singing worked on in each lesson.

  • Proper Posture and Breath Support
  • Vocal Cord Connection
  • Vowel Placement
  • Singing thru your Bridges
  • Transitioning from Chest Voice to Mix Voice to Head Voice  


What are your hours? 

Monday- 11:30am-7:30pm

Tuesday- 12pm-8:30pm

Wednesday- 12:30pm-8:30pm

Thursday- 9am-11am, 3pm-8pm

Where are you located?

In person lessons take place at my in home studio located at 4804 Sweetbrier Dr. Harrisburg, PA 17111.

Online lessons are available on Zoom or FaceTime.

How will I warm up my voice at home?

Every student receives a login in for my website. Students will have access and the ability to download vocal warmups. 

What styles of music will I be able to sing?

All styles of music. This technique does not limit the types of songs you can sing. 

What does a typical lesson look like? 

  • I start the lesson by checking in with you on anything you have noticed with your voice for the week (positive changes or any challenges), and if there is anything you want to work on specifically in the lesson.
  • Vocal Warm-Ups- We then spend time warming up your voice and working on expanding your range, strengthening the voice, proper vowel placement and keeping the vocal cords connected. Posture, vocal support, and releasing any tension in the body is focused and reinforced. 
  • We work on your song.
    • Focusing first on making sure the notes and rhythms are accurate.
    • Work on vowel placement and proper diction.
    • Phrasing and Breathing in the most optimal place.
    •  Making the song your own. Musicality, feeling, expression and your interpretation of the song. 
    • Being present and aware of the whole body experience as you sing your song. Moving freely and removing tension as you sing to allow flow in your song. 

Do you work on audition music?

Absolutely! Need help with choral music? Bring it in. Have an audition and need to work on it? Bring it in. I want to help you to succeed. Anything I can do to prepare you for auditions and ensembles, bring it in, and we will work on it.

This technique allows you to sing all styles of music and will help you to build confidence as a singer.


Monthly Commitment Lesson Cost for in-person and online lessons.

4- 30-minute lessons once a week on a weekly basis = $150 a month due at the first lesson of the month

4- 45-minute lessons once a week on a weekly basis = $225 a month due at the first lesson of the month 

4- 60-minute lessons once a week on a weekly basis = $300 a month due at the first lesson of the month

What is included?

As a current student committing to weekly lessons, you will receive unlimited access to the website that will give you online resources such as downloadable vocal warm-ups, educational videos and resources, and the ability to log practice hours and take notes. You continue to receive these resources as long as you are actively taking weekly lessons. 

Pay Per Lesson Cost for in-person and online lessons.

30 Minute Lesson = $40

45 Minute Lesson = $60

60 Minute Lesson = $80

What is included?

Access to the website portal where you will be able to log practice hours, take notes, and schedule lessons. You will receive limited access to downloadable warm-ups and resources. 


Monthly Lessons- I will invoice you when you payment is due. Upon receiving your invoice, payment is due by your next lesson. 

Pay per lesson students must pay for each lesson before or at their lesson. 

Cash, Check, Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Zelle, and Cash App are available payment options.

Please click on the link below to read the Studio Policies. By starting lessons you are agreeing to abide by the policy.

   Studio Policies  

Molly Rahe offers Voice, Violin and Viola lessons in her Harrisburg, PA studio location and online via Zoom or FaceTime. Inquire by filling out the contact form or by email mollyrahemusic@gmail.com.