Violin Lessons and Viola Lessons

Having a strong foundation is the stepping stone in learning how to play violin or viola. 

Achieving a good bow sound, playing in tune, proper rhythms, steady tempos and playing from your heart (musicality) are the main focuses in lessons. I encourage my students to be well rounded and learn several styles of playing such as classical, fiddle, improv, rock and pop music.

Lesson books are essential. Here is a list of the main music books I utilize. 

My First Violin Fun Book for my youngest students

Strictly Strings 1 & 2

Introducing the Positions

Wohlfahrt Complete Sixty Studies

Polo Double Stops for Violin

Melodious         Double Stops        for Viola

Solos for Young Violinists

Fun with Solos

Playing with the Orchestra

I believe each student has their own learning style and as most of these books work well for my students, I'm always open to changing to another lesson book if I feel it is better suited for the student.

Playing duets and playing other styles of music is strongly encouraged. 

Contact Molly for Lesson Cost

What is included?

As a current student, you will receive unlimited access to the website that will give you online resources such as educational videos and downloadable music, practice logging capability, and notetaking abilities. Each student will receive a binder containing scales and basic theory concepts and extra plastic inserts for any loose leaf songs and material. All music and music books are included. 


Monthly Lessons- Each student will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month. Payment is due at or before the first lesson. 

Pay per lesson clients will receive an invoice before their lesson and are required to pay their invoice before their lesson. 

Molly Rahe offers Voice lessons in her Harrisburg, PA studio location and Online via FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Skype. Inquiry by filling out the contact form or by email mollyrahemusic@gmail.com. Violin and         Viola        lessons are available at her Harrisburg, PA studio. 

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