Testimonials- Hear what Molly's students have to say.

~ Molly really cares about what is going on with you musically and as a person. She’s NOT teaching to get paid, she’s doing it to help you improve, and it’s clear she really loves doing it.   She also has really good morale, like all the time, and helps me deal with the stress of performing and auditions. She has given me a ton of tools and tricks to help me with being confident as a musician.  We spent a lot of time early on figuring out what I’m really good at and how I learn and that’s helped me succeed.  

Age 15, Violin and Voice Student

~I started taking voice lessons with Molly a few months ago after more than ten years without using my voice regularly.  I knew something was missing in my life, and I finally realized that it was music.  After a couple of sessions with Molly, I now know that that it was more than just singing that I was missing.  I think of our lessons more as ‘music therapy’. She is a talented, patient, and intuitive teacher, quickly adapting to my needs.  I feel confident that her singing technique is making my voice stronger without the risk of damaging my voice.  She is a wonderful listener and shares such wonderful energy with me after a long day at work.  I CANNOT recommend her enough.

~Molly is one of a kind, not just as a teacher, but as a person. I have never met anyone more caring, passionate, and soulful than her. Molly has an innate ability to hone into a student's needs and bring their innermost abilities to the surface. She has a rare gift of bringing out the very best in everyone she teaches. She has touched my life in so many ways and has shown me how to believe in myself and in my voice even when I didn’t. After many years of vocal problems/injuries, I thought I may never sing again. She showed me that it was still possible and did so with grace and love. As a teacher myself, her encouraging teaching style, holistic techniques, brilliant teaching strategies, and attuned nature have been such positive examples for me. What I have learned so far have made me a better teacher myself! Molly is an authentic, vibrant, beautiful light. She shines so brightly, your life will be changed forever if you study with her. It has changed my life and I look forward to continuing to grow with her as my teacher, mentor, and guide. There are not enough stars on this review to even come close to the level of recommendation she deserves. If you would like a life-changing experience as a singer, musician, and person, contact her now!


~Molly is absolutely amazing. She is a wonderful music teacher and has a way of making any student feel welcome and supported. I’ve been working with Molly for over two years now and she has taught me so much and helped me grow as a musical artist and gain confidence in myself. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in music lessons. :)



Molly Rahe offers Voice, Violin and Viola lessons in her Harrisburg, PA studio location and online via Zoom or FaceTime. Inquire by filling out the contact form or by email mollyrahemusic@gmail.com.