As a vocal teacher, I am able to teach my students how to sing in a mix with a relaxed larynx. This allows students to sing many styles of music properly and in a vocally healthy way. Singing through the bridges and expanding the vocal range is also emphasized. We will work on proper vowel placement as well.  I teach ear training and can work with students on sight singing and interval training. I encourage my students to learn all styles of singing including classical, rock, pop, broadway and jazz. I've also worked with several singer/songwriters, helping to polish original songs and have even coached them in the studio.

As a violin and viola teacher, I focus on making sure all my students have a strong foundation. Playing in tune, keeping a steady tempo and playing with a solid tone are extremely important. As the student continues to work and perfect those, I begin to work on playing with feeling and expression. Putting your heart into the music is what sets one person's sound apart from others. I teach all styles of music and encourage my students to try new things.

There will be times at lessons that we will take some time to review music terms and music notes. Understanding the meaning behind why the music is the way that it is, is just as important as performing it.

Lessons are taught in my studio in Harrisburg, PA or online.

Below are some great music apps that I like to utilize in lessons:





Blob Chorus

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